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Come in contact with fishermen in Tosa

Experience crab fishing

about70minby carfrom Jyoseikan

3 hours

[ lunch included, Advance Order Necessary ]

¥5,000per person(without tax) [basket fishing・lunch]

Only an hour drive west from Kochi city! Under the guidance of fishermen in Kaminokae port, you can be a fisher. You will also learn knowledge and intelligence of sea. All fish that you catch on that day will be yours! You can enjoy the lunch made with local food and fish.

  • Operating daysall year(except first of March and Year-end and New Year holidays)
  • Participants15~50(contact us in case of larger groups)
  • Qualifying ageover primary school age
  • The deadline for reservation3 days before
  • fish that you may catch on that tour….blue crab(all year) / squid•octopus(May~October)
  • You can experience fishing for spiny lobster with rope for the same price as this tour from September 16 to April 30.
  • You can experience roasting bonito for an additional charge(market price).
    Please contact us for further information.
Program details
  • basket fishing / Take a boat from fishermen’s cooperative and go to the destination. You will enjoy fishing for crabs.
  • lunch / Staff will cook Japanese food with crabs and fish that you catch.
example of menu
  • Takikomi rice of fish
  • miso soup
  • sashimi
  • kombu salad
  • seasonal fish food
  • seasonal vegetables
  • dishes made with the fish that you catch
  1. Enjoy crab fishing on the Kaminokae facing the Pacific Ocean.

  2. You may catch a conger eel. Good catch!

  3. Purify the crab with a scrubbing brush. Boil the crab and enjoy for lunch.

  4. Fishermen will teach you how to enjoy eating crab.