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Visit sake brewery of Tsukasabotan

Tour of Tsukasabotan sake brewery

about60minby carfrom Jyoseikan

30 minutes

[ Advance Order Necessary ]

1,650per person(tax included)

Tsukasabotan is a sake brewer operating from a historical building. It is 400 years since this brewer was established, and it has deep affinity with Ryoma Sakamoto. Established in late Edo period, the length of the building is 90 meters and is a remarkable whitewashed building. Enjoy the tour and try a glass of sake.

  • Operating daysweekdays (Tuesday to Friday)
  • Time10:00~11:30, 14:00~16:00
  • In rainy weatherno postponement for light rain. Cancel for thunderstorm and severe rain
  • PlaceTukasabotan brewery
  • Participants20名
  • Minimum participants2名
  • Qualifying ageover primary school age(restrict sample sake to people over 20 years of age)
  • The deadline for reservation17:00 of the day before