Extremely good flavorU06

Visit the place of origin for dried bonito and enjoy the smell and taste of them!

Factory tour of dried bonito

about30minby carfrom Jyoseikan

40 minutes

[ Advance Order Necessary ]

¥2,650per person(tax included) [100g of dried bonitos]

You can visit the factory of dried bonito which are made by using age old methods. These dried bonitos were awarded a prize from the Minister of Agriculture in 2012. Making the highest grade dried bonitos takes about 6 months.

  • Operating daysall year(except Saturday•Sunday, Year-end and New Year holidays•irregular holiday: Wednesday)
  • Participants2~40(contact us in case of larger groups)
  • Qualifying ageover primary school age
  • The deadline for reservation17:00 of the day before
  • We work with round herrings in January ~ March, so there is a tour for sun-dried sardines in that season.
Program details
  • Watch the process for dried bonito・tour the factory (about 20 minutes)
  • Shave the dried bonito and taste them
  • Pack dried bonito for takeaway(about 100g per person) (about 20 minutes)
  • You can buy just –made dried bonito
Sun-dried sardines in January ~March
  • The fishing industry is flourishing in Usa.
  • This season is the coolest in a year, so freshness of sardines is preserved. People chose sunny days to dry sardines in the sun for 3~7 days. Then great sun-dried sardines are produced.