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Combination of two popular experiences

Let’s try to roast bonito and eat local sashimi bowl!

about50minby carfrom Jyoseikan

1 hour

[ Advance Order Necessary ]

¥3,080 per person(tax included) [grill bonito•kure sashimi bowl served on the rice]

This program is a combination of famous lightly roasted bonito and local sashimi bowl. We call them “Katsuo no tataki” and “Kure don.” Cook the lunch yourself and eat on the spot!

  • Operating daysevery Saturday and Sunday
  • Participants4~
  • Qualifying ageover primary school age
  • The deadline for reservation2 days before
  • LocationNaka-tosa city Kure
  • about 4 slices of roasted bonitos per person
  • One representative from each group will roast the bonito.
Program details
  • A fish dealer of “Tanaka fish shop” will teach you how to roast bonito.
  • You eat “Katsuo no tataki ”that you make and “Kure don” for lunch.