Tour list

Extremely good flavor

Kochi is a treasure trove of food! There are a lot of things really delicious. The bonito roast by oneself is very delicious!
Other there are a lot of your local gourmet of Kochi unique also.

Walking tour

Try walking for sightseeing in Kochi? There is much new discovery in town where there is a stubborn man and woman!
The walk associated with Ryoma Sakamoto is popular.

Night amusements

Speaking of Kochi is SAKE! Enjoy casual "Ozashiki-Asobi" at night, and finish your day by eating gyoza at the night stall!

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Relaxing tour

Try relaxation program for memories in Kochi sightseeing tour.
Family even There are many tour that can enjoy!

Nature experience

Kochi Prefecture, where there is a cleanest shimanto and niyodo river, is a natural treasure that has been surrounded by the sea and mountains. Various activities to enjoy nature is very popular!