Extremely good flavor

Kochi is a treasure trove of food! There are a lot of things really delicious. The bonito roast by oneself is very delicious!
Other there are a lot of your local gourmet of Kochi unique also.

Walking tour

Try walking for sightseeing in Kochi? There is much new discovery in town where there is a stubborn man and woman!
The walk associated with Ryoma Sakamoto is popular.

Night amusements

Speaking of Kochi is SAKE! Enjoy casual "Ozashiki-Asobi" at night, and finish your day by eating gyoza at the night stall!

There is no applicable tour right now.

Relaxing tour

Try relaxation program for memories in Kochi sightseeing tour.
Family even There are many tour that can enjoy!

Nature experience

Kochi Prefecture, where there is a cleanest shimanto and niyodo river, is a natural treasure that has been surrounded by the sea and mountains. Various activities to enjoy nature is very popular!