Extremely good flavorU05

Roast bonitos yourself and make your original fresh fish bowl!

Experience roasting bonitos with straw and Kamimachi Donburi

about10minwalkfrom Jyoseikan

1 hour

[ Advance Order Necessary ]

¥3,080per person(tax included) [roasting bonito•Kamimachi Donburi]

This fish shop was established 150 years ago, and is still run by the same family for four generations. A fifth generation young master will teach you how to roast bonitos, and you can experience making your original sashimi bowl which is called Kamimachi Donburi.

  • Operating daysevery Thursday• Friday• Saturday
  • Time11:30~14:00
  • LocationKamimachi 4-chome Ikezawa shop(meet there• break up there)
  • Maximum participants10
  • Minimum participants2(Staff will manage there.)
  • AttendantsNo
  • The deadline for reservation18:00 of the day before