Experience making soba

Use buckwheat ground by water wheel

Experience making soba


1 hour

[ Advance Bookings Necessary ]

about50min by car from Jyoseikan

¥2,800 per person (without tax) [ingredients included]

Water wheels were in use in Yanagino over 300 years ago however very few exist today. On this tour you can see a newly built water wheel and the making of buckwheat noodles. Yanagino soba is famous for its nice aroma. You can enjoy the aroma and texture of soba.

  • Operating period/all year
  • Except/Tuesday, Friday, Year-end and New Year holidays
  • Time/contact us
  • Place/Ino city Fureai no Sato Yanagino (meet there, break up there) (We meet at the public hall in Yanagino for groups over 30.)
  • Participants/up to 30
  • Minimum participants/4
  • Attendants/No (Staff will manage there.)
  • The deadline for reservation/a week before
  • Qualifying age/over primary school age