Experience of pilgrimage

Let’s go on a pilgrimage! Walk from 28th Fudasho (Sacred temples on a pilgrimage), Dainitiji to 29th Fudasho, Kokubunji Temple.

Experience of pilgrimage


3~4 hours course

[ Advance Bookings Necessary ]

about30min by car from Jyoseikan

¥4,500 per person (without tax) [taxi fare from Kokubunji Temple to Dainitiji Temple included]

This activity is good for people who want to go on a pilgrimage but do not know the procedure for worship. You will take a short lecture about worship, and we also prepare pilgrimage uniform by free. Do not hesitate to visit temples. Let’s try going on a pilgrimage.

  • Participants/2~maximum 30
  • The deadline for reservation/2 days before
  • Excluded day/December 27th to January 3rd• June to the end of September
  • We accept any time until March next year. After March, enquiries will be required.
  • The costs will change for group tourist using bus.
  • We suggest you wearing clothes that are easy to move in. We would like you to bring walking shoes or sneakers.
  • We also suggest you bringing hats and towels to shade your face from the sun.
details about program

Jyoseikan → [ move to next destination with your own funds ] →
Kokubunji Temple → [ taxi ] →
Dainitiji Temple → go on a pilgrimage → take a walk →
Kokubunhi Tebple (be completed)

  • 1

    Meet at 29th Fudasho of Kokubunji Temple in Nangoku city. You will take a taxi and go to the departure place, Dainitiji Temple.

  • 2

    You will change into the uniform. After that, take a lecture, and try worship and recite a sutra.

  • 3

    Finally, you will start! You take a walk at “pilgrimage road”.

  • 4

    You will take a short break. Please rest your body there. You can enjoy famous sweets, “Henroishi manju”.

  • 5

    Start again! After pass through the break place, it is just a little bit more to the goal.

  • 6

    It will take about 3 hours, 10 kilometers. We are almost there!

  • 7
    Arrive at Kokubunji Temple!

    You will also do worship and recite a sutra there.
    You can do sigh your name at the shrine office.