Experience making basket plate

Let’s make Tosa Washi paper plate.

Experience making basket plate


2 hours course

[ Advance Bookings Necessary ]

about20min by car from Jyoseikan

¥1,900 per person (without tax) [lecturer included]

Ino city is famous for its Tosa Washi paper. It has been developing many kinds of variations since long ago, it has become famous through modernization and export. In this course, you will create your original plate by decorating and pasting with Tosa Washi papers.

  • Operating period/all year
  • Day off/Wednesday, Thursday
  • Time/11:00~17:00
  • Place/Ino Town Soboku Souryuu Sya (meet there• break up there) (We will do school visit for the group. enquiry required)
  • Fixed number/10 (Please let us know, if you are group tour.)
  • Minimum participants/1
  • Attendants/No (Staff will manage there.)
  • The deadline for reservation/17:00 of the day before
  • Qualifying age/over primary school age
  • available for school visit.