Cook your original Kure Donburi

Let’s make your original donburi in Kure Taisho Market which is famous for Kuroshio Current and skipjack fishing.

Cook your original Kure Donburi


1 hour

[ Advance Order Necessary ]

about50min by car from Jyoseikan

¥926 per person(without tax)

You can enjoy nice food including fresh fish, and the retro cityscape takes you back to the good old days of Japan. Moreover, local people are so friendly, and they are like your family.

  • Operating days/every Saturday and Sunday
  • Time/11:00~14:00
  • Location/Nakatosacho Kure Taisho Market(meet there•break up there)
  • Maximum participants/20 (Please contact us if your party of tourist is over 20.)
  • Minimum participants/1
  • Attendants/No (Staff will manage there.)
  • The deadline for reservation/18:00 of the day before
  • We visit there.
  • 1
    Let’s listen to the explanation.

    An explanation will be given at the reception area near the entrance. Tourists will receive 6 coupons for the 1000yen course. Then you will get donburi, miso soup and pickled vegetables.

  • 2
    Select ingredients

    There is a ingredients corner for donburi such as sashimi, fried foods and fruits.

  • 3
    What should I take...?

    Select your favorite ingredients.

  • 4
    Let’s dish up donburi!
  • 5
    You are ready for eat!

    Finish making your original donburi.

  • like this ingredients

    There are also fruits corner.