Walking tour of Kochi city

Enjoy walking around the city. Eat! Tell people!

Walking tour of Kochi city


1 hour and half course

[ Advance Order Necessary ]

about10min by tram from Jyoseikan

¥2,000 per person(without tax) [eating tour included]

Enjoy walking in the center shopping district. You can listen to old tales and try foods at the famous shops. As well as find nice souvenirs.

  • Operating days/every Friday
  • Time/10:30~12:00
  • Place/Kochi Central Shopping Arcade(meet there•break up there) (meet in front of the NTT West Kochi East building)
  • Participants/15 (contact us in case of larger groups)
  • Minimum participants/4
  • Attendants/Yes
  • The deadline for reservation/one week before
  • When there is no attendant available, the tour will not take place.
Hariyama bridge shopping street

The roof of the shopping street is made from natural tree in Tosa. Wooden roof is rare, and this area was open as the first wooden shopping street in 1998.

  • 1
    Hariyama bridge shopping street

    Visit Friday market. There are lots of local vegetables, fruits and sweets.

  • 2
    Fish street (1)

    You can enjoy freshly made croquette.

  • 3
    Fish street (2)

    One of the famous bread in Kochi is hat bread. As its name suggests, the bread is shaped like a hat. Please try your favorite bread.

  • 4
    Take a commemorative photo
  • 5
    Ohashi-dori shopping street

    After passing Yoshida Toyo gravestone, Obiya machi and Obisan road, you will reach Ohashi-dori shopping street in which are so many kinds of foods.

  • 6
    Eat again!

    The kamaboko(steamed fish paste) in old shop, Matuoka Kamaboko is so amazing!
    Nerimono in Kochi is the best!

  • 7
    Hirome market

    After passing Hanpeita Takechi gravestone, you will reach to the Hirome market. The walking tour will finish here.