Custom-made plan of Tosa

Leave everything up to us! The concierge will guide you. Enjoy a perfect tour of Kochi.

Custom-made plan of Tosa


[ Advance Bookings Necessary ]

Ex. for 2 days plan ¥80,000~ / for 3 days plan ¥100,000~ ※carfare・lunch included ※The costs for hotel charge and travel to Kochi are not included. ※This program is only for guests of Jyoseikan.

Allow one of our professional travel consultants design a tailor-made itinerary just for you and guide you on this tour!

  • Operating period/all year
  • Participants/8
  • Minimum participants/2~
  • Qualifying age/over junior high school students
  • The deadline for reservation/3 weeks before
  • Place/Jyoseikan
  • Cost/Estimated in accordance with tour content.
Message from concierge

We all have our own thoughts and stories for travel. Allow us to listen to your thoughts and we can take care of everything to make your visit a most memorable one.

One day, Ms. Uchida and her friends came from Tokyo.

They wanted to enjoy Shimanto river to the fullest.

  • 1

    We arranged private taxi and start sightseeing.

  • 2

    We went shopping at Taisyo market.

  • 3

    We moved to Michi-no-Eki “Nabura Tosa Saga”, and had shopping time again! There were so many unusual things.

  • 4

    We had eel for lunch at nice location “Shimantoya”.
    We could view the Shimanto river from there.

  • 5

    This is a bowl of eel and rice. These eels were caught in Shimanto river. The texture is so soft and so tasty. We really liked it.

  • 6

    We went to where the movie was filmed.

  • 7

    We crossed a bridge which is longest among 47 bridges designed to be underwater during a flood. It was a sunny day, and we enjoyed talking about Shimanto.

  • 8

    We had tea time at the café in Michi-no-Eki “Towa”. We looked at Shimanto, and enjoyed chatting.

  • 9

    We went to see the city sights by a tram at the end of the trip. We went to the Kochi Castle, Sunday market and Hirome market.