Power spot and experience Sutra writing with monk at Chikurin temple

31st Fudasho of the Shikoku 88 sacred places

Power spot and experience Sutra writing with monk at Chikurin temple


1 hour and 50 minutes

[ Advance Bookings Necessary ]

about20min by car from Jyoseikan

¥2,500 per person(without tax)

The garden of Chikurin temple is one of the famous beautiful gardens in Kochi. You can try Sutra writing while looking out over the beautify garden. After Sutra writing, you can enjoy the view of the garden with green tea and sweets, and enjoy the blissful feeling. After that, monks will guide you to the main temple while you enjoy the seasonal view. At the main temple, you will read sutras with monks and make dedications to Buddha. You can enjoy this unique and experience at this power spot.

  • Operating period/all year (We cannot hold tour due to Temple events.)
  • Time/within 10:00~16:00
  • Place/Kochi city Chikurin Temple (meet there• break up there) (We meet at the public hall in Yanagino for groups over 30.)
  • Participants/40 (contact us in case of group tour)
  • Minimum participants/2
  • Attendants/No (Staff will manage there.)
  • Qualifying age/over primary school age
  • The deadline for reservation/18:00 of the day before (contact us in case of group tour)
Program details
You will be calm down and put your feeling…
  • Sutra writing
  • petit tea time while looking at nice view of the garden
  • dedication of Sutra to Buddha
  • guide by monks around Chikurin Temple (power spot)

When you do the Sutra copying… The healing power is drawn out and your heart and body will be relax.

  • 1
    Experience of Sutra copying

    Look out over seasonal scenery of the garden, and listen to stories about Chikurin Temple.

  • 2

    Dedicate Sutra and read Heart Sutra.

  • 3 Take a walk in the power spot.
    Take a walk in the power spot.

    You walk around the power spot with monk.