Experience making flower charcoal

Use nuts collected from the mountain in Ino.

Experience making flower charcoal


20 minutes

[ Advance Bookings Necessary ]

about50min by car from Jyoseikan

¥1,800 per person (without tax) [ingredients included]

Flower charcoal is made from nuts, flower and fruit, and is an attractive interior decoration. Charcoal has the effect of deodorization, bacteria elimination and negative ion. Moreover, you can arrange them as you like, so they make an attractive souvenir.

  • Operating period/all year
  • Except/Tuesday, Friday, Year-end and New Year holidays
  • Time/contact us
  • Place/Ino city Fureai no Sato Yanagino (meet there, break up there) (We meet at the public hall in Yanagino for groups over 30.)
  • Participants/up to 30
  • Minimum participants/4
  • Attendants/No (Staff will manage there.)
  • The deadline for reservation/a week before
  • Qualifying age/over primary school age